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Scöff Art© is first and foremost a stencil craftsman and street painter. Over time, he has been able to diversify his range of services while respecting his original style and keeping his personal touch.

Here is the list of services offered by the artist Scöff:

– Personalization of works of art (on canvas or other support)

– Creation of exterior or interior murals (Canada only)

– Production of works on motor vehicles (Canada only)

– Personalization of clothing and accessories

– Personalization of printed or cut vinyl stickers

– High quality photo prints (printed art or photo type)

For any project idea, service request or quote, please fill out the form below with as many details as possible about your project.


    Once the artist has become aware of your project, several questions are asked in order to answer your request as best as possible. Here is an example of the process when ordering a personalized work of art on a canvas or other support:

    1- The choice of the project is made in collaboration between the applicant and the artist. This step is essential so that the artist can best respond to your request. The applicant chooses a photo or an image of a main subject, which he would like to reproduce as a work of art. This subject can be surrounded by an abstract or more detailed semi-realistic style setting. The medium and size are also chosen at this stage; it can be a canvas, a wood plank, a skateboard, a vinyl record, etc. The possibilities are endless. Working time, canvas size, support material and background definition are factors that influence the final price. When the applicant and the artist reach a common agreement, the artist can get down to work. If the applicant wishes, the artist can send photos of each stage of the creation.

    2- The cutting stage is definitely the longest stage of the process. Using precision scalpels, the artist cuts out the details of the project from a multitude of cardboard boxes. These layers of cardboard will then be superimposed to make several layers of colors, creating the desired design.

    3- The choice of colours is made by the applicant and then, we are ready to transfer the support in the paint room.

    4- In the paint room, we start from a blank support to superimpose the layers of colors. This can take about 24 to 48 hours to complete. Once the support is dry, the last details are affixed and the objects are attached or glued if necessary.

    5- Delivery to the customer is made after the work has undergone quality control and is carefully packaged. A certificate of authenticity with an official photo is attached. The buyer can hang his personalized work of art in full view of visitors.