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About Us

Scöff Art© is a company created by the street artist known as Scöff. A young self-taught person who has had some attention and opposition problems towards authority, he discovers graffiti very early to express himself and release certain emotions.

With a wealth of opinions, claims and ideas, Scöff’s works are not lacking in originality and powerful messages. In 2014, he discovered a passion for serial or screen-print stencils and found a way to mix this technique with the art of graffiti.

Little by little, he decided to transpose these techniques onto different collectible media to benefit others. In 2015, he participated in his very first international festival “¡OJO Que Nos Pintan!” in Bucaramanga, Colombia, where he became involved with the community of young graffiti artists by sharing new techniques with them; from there, several other national and international festivals followed.

For him, the intercultural point of view is essential for the realization of his works and it is for this reason that he continues to provoke regional and international meetings with several artists and communities interested in his art.

In 2016, he started printing textiles and stickers, creating his own production. In 2018, Scöff entered the art gallery world with these paintings and sold in Montreal and Quebec City.

Since then, he has been working on the design of his online sales website and, in 2019, he opened his online store with the desire to make his art accessible to everyone with an unprecedented customer experience. Without any intermediary, directly from the artist, the original works are sold at a fair price.

Finally, the derivative products were launched later that year to complete the Scöff Art© product range and make it more useful and enjoyable. These street artist roots remain present in him and so, Scöff still offers his muralist services today.